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TMCNet:  ClearCause Foundation to Raise Awareness at the 2012 NASCAR Ford Championship

[November 14, 2012]

ClearCause Foundation to Raise Awareness at the 2012 NASCAR Ford Championship

MINNEAPOLIS --(Business Wire)--

Minneapolis-based ClearCause Foundation, a nonprofit organization raising awareness for student safety in study abroad programs, has received a $10,000 grant for public service announcements to be played on the Jumbotron at the 2012 NASCAR Ford EcoBoost 400 Championship on Nov. 18. The grant, given by St. Paul, Minnesota-based A2f Pictures, is in response to a multitude of young American students who have died while traveling as part of the $20 billion federally unregulated youth travel, exchange and study abroad industry. The public service announcements will raise awareness for student safety while abroad.

"Abuse and neglect during student travel and study abroad opportunities can be stopped if America is informed and engaged," said Sheryl Hill, executive director for ClearCause Foundation. "This is a major milestone for ClearCause, and we welcome the opportunity to be featured in front of more than 1 million viewers at the NASCAR championship."

The three thirty-second PSAs, produced by A2f Pictures, forewarn America's youth about dangers and risks that may occur during student travel, cultural exchange and study abroad programs. Two of the PSAs featured at the 2012 NASCAR Championship this weekend are:

  • 911 - Portrays a college student who appears to be running from an assailant. His failed attempts to dial 911 from his cell phone or a nearby payphone to get help bring home a critical point - emergency services are 911 in North America and are different in other countries.
  • Emergency - Portrays a female student in the back of an ambulance. The emergency medical technicians are speaking to her in a foreign language which she cannot comprehend, demonstrating the fact that many U.S. students are not prepared when crises happen overseas.

Audiences will be directed to and encouraged to tweet "$5 TweetDonate to @ClearCause." ClearCause aims to raise money for cable television outreach and to develop an Emergency Preparedness Plan and Family Crisis Fund.

"So often, families do not have funding, passports, insurance or legal counsel when trips go bad," said Hill. "Our goal is to develop plans and funds to help families when these situations arise."

The NASCAR opportunity is the second largest opportunity for ClearCause to gain awareness and funding in one week, following GiveMN's Give to the Max Day on Nov. 15.

About ClearCause Foundation
ClearCause Foundation, an emerging 501c3 nonprofit, advocates for the safety of youth traveling abroad. Along with its partner - the ClearCause Coalition, a nonprofit 501c4 - it is working to establish public awareness and policy around the lack of federal oversight, accountability and transparent reporting in global youth travel, foreign exchange and study abroad programs. ClearCause was founded by Sheryl and Allen Hill in honor of their son Tyler, who died in 2007 while on a People to People Student Ambassador trip to Japan. More information about ClearCause is available at and More information on Tyler Hill is available at

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