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TMCNet:  Texas Instruments Introduces TI-RTOS

[December 11, 2012]

Texas Instruments Introduces TI-RTOS

Dec 11, 2012 (Close-Up Media via COMTEX) -- Texas Instruments has announced TI-RTOS, an operating system based on preemptive multithreading kernel, for its MCU platform.

In a release, the Company noted the new OS eliminates the need for designers to write and maintain complex system software, including schedulers, protocol stacks and low-level drivers.

In addition, it provides a consistent embedded software platform across TI's entire MCU portfolio.

"Embedded hardware development has become easier with the high level of integration MCUs now have," said Scott Roller, vice president, MCUs, TI. "However, because of the integration of more peripherals, memory and connectivity options, software development has become more complex, which is why we created TI-RTOS. Now developers can build MCU-based designs with Internet and USB connectivity without the concern that software development will be onerous and time-consuming." Features: -Ease software development with a complete, mature and stable embedded operating environment that provides full middleware and driver enablement to add more product functionality. These components include: -Deterministic, real-time multitasking kernel (SYS/BIOS) -TCP/IP stack, including network applications -USB, EMAC, MMC/SD host and device stacks and class drivers -FAT-compatible file system fully integrated with C RTS file I/O functions -Ethernet, USB, UART, I2C and SD device drivers -Low overhead core-to-core communication mechanism for dual-core devices TI-RTOS is available on select devices, including ARM Cortex-M4 MCUs and C2000 dual core C28x + ARM Cortex-M3 MCUs.

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