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TMCNet:  BUYINS.NET: Market Maker Surveillance Report. BIOF, CBMX, MSON, SIMG, JKS, DGAZ, Losing Stocks With Lowest Price Friction For Friday, January 4th 2013

[January 07, 2013]

BUYINS.NET: Market Maker Surveillance Report. BIOF, CBMX, MSON, SIMG, JKS, DGAZ, Losing Stocks With Lowest Price Friction For Friday, January 4th 2013

(M2 PressWIRE Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) BUYINS.NET /, announced today its proprietary Market Maker Friction Factor Report for Friday. Since October 2008 market makers are now required to be on the bid as much as they are on the offer and for like amounts of stock. This Fair Market Making Requirement is designed to prevent market makers from manipulating stock prices. On Friday there were 3890 companies with "abnormal" market making, 3607 companies with positive Friction Factors and 1742 companies with negative Friction Factors. Here is a list of the top companies with the largest percentage loss per share Friday and low price friction (bearish). This means that there was more selling than buying in the stocks and their stock prices dropped faster with less Friction. BioFuel Energy Corp (NASDAQ:BIOF), CombiMatrix Corp (NASDAQ:CBMX), Misonix Inc (NASDAQ:MSON), Silicon Image Inc (NASDAQ:SIMG), Jinkosolar Holding Co Ltd (NYSE:JKS), (NYSE:DGAZ). To access Friction Factor, Naked Short Data and SqueezeTrigger Prices on all stocks please visit .

Market Maker Friction Factor is shown in the chart below: Symbol Change Percent Buy Volume Buy %% Sell Volume Sell %% Net Volume Friction BIOF $-0.480 -9.39% 139,078 46.62% 159,250 53.38% -20,172 -420 CBMX $-0.390 -7.05% 41,084 37.38% 68,826 62.62% -27,742 -711 MSON $-0.500 -6.85% 42,788 43.82% 54,362 55.67% -11,574 -231 SIMG $-0.560 -10.85% 2,145,481 48.14% 2,312,030 51.88% -166,549 -2,974 JKS $-0.570 -7.96% 140,637 26.79% 188,495 35.90% -47,858 -840 DGAZ $-1.940 -8.12% 106,573 33.16% 106,799 33.24% -226 -1 Analysis of the Friction Factor chart above shows that each of the six stocks mentioned above have high net dollar losses (Change) and extremely low price friction in their stocks. The Friction Factor displays how many more shares of buying than selling are required to move a stock higher by one cent or how many more shares of selling than buying moves a stock lower by 1 cent.

For example, the chart above shows BIOF with a dollar loss Friday of $-0.48000 and a Friction Factor of -420 shares. That means that it only took 420 more shares of selling than buying to move BIOF lower by one penny. This means the Market Makers are allowing the stock to drop quickly (low friction). The combination of low friction and negative market direction can drive prices lower faster than normal.

BioFuel Energy Corp (NASDAQ:BIOF) - BioFuel Energy Corp. produces and sells ethanol and its co-products in the United States. The company offers dried and wet distillers grains with solubles, corn oil, and carbon dioxide. It operates 2 ethanol production facilities located in Wood River, Nebraska and Fairmont, Minnesota with a combined production capacity of approximately 220 million gallons per year. The company sells its products to independent third party marketers and distributors. The company was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado..

CombiMatrix Corp (NASDAQ:CBMX) - CombiMatrix Corporation, a molecular diagnostics company, operates primarily in the field of genetic analysis and molecular diagnostics. The company, through its subsidiary, CombiMatrix Molecular Diagnostics, Inc., operates a diagnostics reference laboratory that provides DNA-based clinical diagnostic testing services to physicians, hospitals, clinics, and other laboratories in the areas of pre-and postnatal development disorders, and hematology/oncology genomics. Its developmental disorder suite of array tests focus on the prenatal and postnatal application of array-comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH) in diagnosing genomic syndromes associated with developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders, dysmorphic features, and/or birth defects. The company s oncology diagnostic tests include DNAarray Heme Profile test, which addresses common hematological malignancies with an emphasis on chronic lymphocytic leukemia; DNAarray HER2 PRO, which determines HER2 status; and DNAarray Tumor Profile for DNA-based genomic analysis of solid tumors, including breast, colon, lung, prostate, and brain tumors. CombiMatrix Corporation provides its services primarily through the use of aCGH, which enables the analysis of genetic anomalies, as well as through other test offerings, including fluorescent in-situ hybridization and G-Band Chromosome analysis. Its customers include healthcare institutions, such as hospitals and clinics, physicians, and individual patients; and organizations, such as commercial insurance companies, as well as government payors, including Medicare and Medicaid. The company was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Irvine, California..

Misonix Inc (NASDAQ:MSON) - Misonix, Inc. designs, manufactures, develops, and markets minimally invasive ultrasonic medical device products. The company offers BoneScalpel cutting system, which is used for surgical procedures of the spine and on maxillofacial procedures; SonaStar surgical aspirator that is used to emulsify and remove soft and hard tumors; and SonicOne wound cleansing and debridement system for the removal of devitalized tissue and fibrin deposits while sparing viable cells. It also markets the AutoSonix ultrasound cutting and coagulating system; and Lysonix ultrasound assisted liposuction device. In addition, it provides HiSonic ultrasonic technology for the treatment of profound deafness and tinnitus. The company sells its products through independent sales agents, direct sales persons, and distributors. It has operations in the United States, Australia, Europe, Asia, Canada, Mexico, South America, South Africa, and the Middle East. Misonix, Inc. was founded in 1959 and is based in Farmingdale, New York..

Silicon Image Inc (NASDAQ:SIMG) - Silicon Image, Inc. engages in the design, development, and implementation of semiconductors and intellectual property (IP) solutions for the storage, distribution, and presentation of high-definition content in home and mobile environments worldwide. The company sells integrated and discrete semiconductor products, as well as licenses IP solutions to consumer electronics, computing, display, storage, and mobile manufacturers. Its products and IP portfolio include solutions for high-definition televisions, high-definition set-top boxes, high-definition digital Blu-ray players, mobile devices, high-definition game systems, consumer and enterprise storage products, and PC display products. The company offers various consumer electronics products, including high-definition multimedia interface transmitters and receivers, as well as products that connect PCs to digital displays. It also provides storage controllers, bridges, and storage processors. Silicon Image sells its products through direct sales force, distributors, and manufacturers representatives. The company was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California..

Jinkosolar Holding Co Ltd (NYSE:JKS) - JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd., together with its subsidiaries, engages in designing, developing, producing, and marketing photovoltaic products in the People s Republic of China and internationally. It offers solar modules; solar cells; mono and multi crystalline silicon ingots and silicon wafers; recovered silicon materials; solar power project development and solar system integration services; and processing services. The company sells its solar modules to distributors, project developers, system integrators, and other players in the solar power industry under the JinkoSolar brand, as well as on an original equipment manufacturer basis. JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006 and is based in Shangrao, the People s Republic of China..


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