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[March 15, 2017]

An Online "Convenience Store" for End-of-Life Services

Even the funeral industry has adopted a mobile internet affiliate program.

Taiwan's pioneering one-stop end-of-life service platform makes everything easier.

TAIPEI, Taiwan, March 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The wide accessibility of smartphones has made life more convenient. In addition to online shopping, food delivery, and travel booking, now even the tradition-bound funeral industry offers one-stop services with a simple and convenient online platform. 51 People Commitment, the very first cloud-based end-of-life service platform in the world utilizing mobile internet technology, is officially online today. Developed by Chan Yun Enterprise Co., Ltd. in response to changing trends in the global industry, 51 People Commitment is designed specifically for those over 50 years of age. The NT$51 package offers protection regardless of one's wealth. It only costs NT$1 per month on average to have our guarantee of a free funeral service in case of accidental death. Integrated end-of-life services keep things easy for customers and complex funeral arrangements can be handled through our one-click consultancy service and 24 hours emergency call service. Members are entitled to integrated one-stop services for a lifetime, including funeral services, columbarium niches, legal document drafting, etc.

With end-of-life planning trending worldwide, transforming the funeral industry has become an urgent issue.

As the people of Taiwan place more emphasis on healthy and active aging and end-of-life planning, death and end-of-life arrangements are no longer taboo subjects, but topics that have been accepted as subjects of reasoned discussion. There has been great demand from those over 50 years old in Taiwan for end-of-life planning, a good death, and preparation for the last mile in their lives. End-of-life planning has seen innovative and diverse developments in the international community, and end-of-life planning has become a hot topic since it was covered by Shukan Asahi in 2009. According to a CTI survey in Japan, 30% to 40% of interviewees have embraced end-of-life planning and started keeping an end-of-life journal, and up to 70% felt an urgent need for simplified handling of the complexities of end-of-life services. Cake, a U.S. startup offering important resources for end-of-life planning, received a lot of attention in 2016. In addition, like other industries across the globe being transformed by the digital revolution, the end-of-life industry is changing its operations from traditional to innovative models. For example, Willing, a U.S. online legacy planning company, allows users to make wills online and process all documents on its website. Online handling of funeral arrangements and related services has also been trending and widely discussed in Mainland China. Surprisingly, the end-of-life industry has become a sunrise industry due to an increasing population in need of such services. According to the Ministry of the Interior, the annual value of the end-of-life industry amounts to NT$60 billion, and it has topped a whopping $18 billion in the U.S. 

The pioneering 51 People Commitment offers lifetime services and protection that everyone can afford.

Besides planning for a healthy retirement, those in their 50s also face what will inevitably happen to the elderly at home. As a result, "51"refers to the first thing that those who turn 50 should do. "People" emphasizes that it is a universal protection to all, rich or poor. "Commitment" represents the compny's promise to its members. 51 People Commitment offers end-of-life services that everyone can afford. A reassuring and simple end-of-life service agreement helps those in their 50s cope with unforeseen events and eases their minds. The one-stop services include an open platform for planning ahead, nation-wide real-time assistance in case of any accident, and help with the multiple complexities of funeral arrangements.

Unlike existing pre-need funeral contracts or insurance with in-kind benefits on the market today, you will not be charged by 51 People Commitment for funeral services or columbarium niches that can only be used in the future, nor are you required to pay handsome premiums regularly for many years. All it takes is NT$51 to become a member for a lifetime, and you will be entitled to purchase funeral services, columbarium niches, and legal document drafting services for up to 25% off the market price at the time of your registration. Prices will not be subject to inflation, and family members are also entitled to discounts. Moreover, 51 People Commitment offers a NT$80,000-value free funeral service package to members suffering an accidental death within 51 months, making the cost equivalent to as little as NT$1 per month. With a single click of the mouse, the 24-hour service hotline ensures contract performance, and our customer service offers professional consulting. 51 People Commitment aims to build an online convenience store in the end-of-life industry with integrated one-stop services.

"We hope to offer a simple and reassuring end-of-life planning service. For consumers suddenly facing a major accident who have planned ahead for their end of life and a good death, we bring together various resources to offer an open and transparent platform. We have eliminated information asymmetry in the end-of-life industry and provided comprehensive and professional one-stop funeral services," says Sheng-Zhong Chen, Investment Director at Chan Yun Enterprise Co., Ltd. "51 People Commitment combines cutting-edge cloud and mobile internet technology to make our services and protection accessible to all, irrespective of one's wealth. It is not only the first one-stop end-of-life service platform in the world but also a significant milestone in the transformation of Taiwan's funeral industry."

Chen also points out that "the development of Taiwan's end-of-life industry is equal to anywhere in the world. Chan Yun has been devoted to offering up-to-date, outstanding quality of service, serving all customers with attentiveness, thoughtfulness, care, and commitment. We hope to honor our corporate social responsibility. The 51 People Commitment end-of-life service platform allows people in Taiwan to understand more about end-of-life planning. It helps those in their 50s and above finish the last mile of their journey with satisfaction. We also hope to do our share and spur more businesses to offer technology-and innovation-enabled end-of-life services, to accelerate the transformation of Taiwan's life services industry and bring it in line with international standards."

For those over 50 years of age, now is the time to fulfill your end-of-life dreams and create a perfect ending.

How do you live happily and comfortably for the rest of your life after having worked hard for the first half of it? How do you pursue your unrealized dreams and lead a more complete life? In the face of a sudden death and the ensuing considerable medical expenses and complicated funeral arrangements, how do you repress your sorrow to handle it calmly and rationally? With end-of-life planning trending in Japan and an aging population in Taiwan, consumers should embrace and create a demand for various services required by those over 50 years old, both in their hearts and in practice. Chan Yun has taken the first step with 51 People Commitment. Other, more diverse services for those over 50 years of age are expected to be rolled out in the future to offer senior citizens peace of mind. To know more about the services covered by 51 People Commitment, please go to

About Chan Yun

Founded in 1995 with a philosophy of following the natural course of life and passing down love and care between generations, Chan Yun Enterprise Co., Ltd. offers comprehensive life services with longstanding practical experience and professional management to build an easy-to-use, reassuring ecosystem for those over 50 years of age in the Chinese community.

Chan Yun's belief and mission lies in following the natural course of life and passing down love and care between generations.

For two decades, Chan Yun has espoused a philosophy of following the natural course of life and passing down love and care between generations, so that the deceased can let go with peace of mind and the knowledge of a satisfying life, while their family members can bid farewell at ease, with gratitude and no regrets.

With its 20 years of experience and professional management, Chan Yun has taken root in Taiwan and become one of the three leading brands in the end-of-life industry. Its technology, management, and service have all received international certification. In 2015, Chan Yun commissioned KPMG to plan for its six major overseas commercial endeavors, including planning and design of cemeteries, professional skills transfer, stationing of professional consultants, cemetery trusteeships, cemetery management cooperatives, and talent nurturing and training. It introduced an innovative business model--end-of-life services--in 2016, expanding the scope of services, improving economies of scale and competitiveness, offering full life services, and providing people with the most comprehensive whole life planning for their years of retirement. It is launching its digital transformation program in 2017. The 51 People Commitment end-of-life service platform came online in March, and various services for those over 50 years old are expected to roll out in succession. With its experience in government, business, and academia, Chan Yun will continue to integrate resources to build a simple, easy-to-use digital ecosystem for the Chinese community.

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