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TMCNet:  DocuLynx Offers Redaction Capabilities Through DocuSuite Software

[August 09, 2017]

DocuLynx Offers Redaction Capabilities Through DocuSuite Software

DocuLynx, a leader in document and information management solutions, is broadening its data management platform to include redaction capabilities. Whether a company needs to redact social security or credit card numbers, the new redaction software suppresses sensitive data and keeps information private-regardless of where it resides in documents or archiving systems.

"Redaction is an essential tool because all businesses have data that needs to be secured, whether it's a large business in the medical field or a small firm in the legal realm," said DocuLynx president & chief executive officer Michael Liess. "These redaction capabilities help keep sensitive information safe and add to the existing DocuLynx solutions that enable companies to powerfully manage and present critical information."

The new redaction services are part of the DocuSuite software, which manages enterprise information by analyzing, classifying and migrating data to reduce IT storage costs and maximize value. Businesses that employ DocuLynx redaction services will meet compliance requirements set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

To keep personally identifiable information safe, redaction transforms information into an unintelligible pattern. DocuSuite can redact the information either before the document gets stored or upon document presentation and request, depending on the company need and the type of information that is protected.

About DocuLynx

Founded in Omaha, Neb. in 2004, DocuLynx offers a full-spectrum of information management solutions in six locations across the U.S. From data analysis, monitoring and classification to creating an efficient archiving system for storage and retrieval, DocuLynx simplifies document workflow. The result is reduced storage costs and compliance risk for clients, while increasing the value of their data. To learn more, visit

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