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TMCNet:  M2G Analytics Formed by GGH Morowitz & Magnifact® to Deliver Advanced Business Intelligence Technology to the Global Gaming Industry

[August 10, 2017]

M2G Analytics Formed by GGH Morowitz & Magnifact® to Deliver Advanced Business Intelligence Technology to the Global Gaming Industry

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. and LAS VEGAS and NEW YORK and CHICAGO, Aug. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- M2G Analytics was recently formed by GGH Morowitz (a leading gaming industry-focused strategic advisor) and Magnifact (a SaaS-based technology solutions provider to the insurance & financial services industries) to develop and deliver an affordable, easy-to-use and comprehensive technology solution to the global gaming industry. Based on a cutting-edge technology platform, the solution enables casino operators and investors to clearly and consistently measure results across the organization and incorporate key performance measurement, using artificial intelligence and proprietary algorithms related to predictive behavior, to facilitate real time decision-making, increase customer focus and drive profitability.

"While Casino Database & Host Analytics ("CDA") has been under development for some time, today marks an important milestone for M2G Analytics," says M2G Analytics' Managing Partner Cory Morowitz. "The products we are launching go well beyond traditional data analytics & reporting. We have incorporated advanced technology combined with decades of strategic, operational & financial acumen, as well as our practical experience having analyzed hundreds of diverse casino operations across dozens of global gaming markets to deliver actionable business intelligence to casino operators in a simple easy-to-use and understand format to make real-time actionable decisions."

"As we have observed in other labor-intensive service-based industries, the products being developed by M2G Analytics have the potential to be a powerful disruptor to an industry that is traditionally 'data rich' but has outdated and disparate systems which don't all communicate," added Krish Krishnan, Magnifact CEO. "This industry has traditionally relied upon manual or basic analytics using expensive and cumbersome technology products that require extensive user training. Our Data Intelligent? suite of products that leverage our predictive algorithms and machine learning techniques are deployed on a state-of-the-art, open-architecture stack, goaled to delivering efficient actionable inteligence to the industry."

As part of the formation of M2G Analytics, the Company has announced the following:

  • Launch of Version 2 of CDA.  The first in a suite of several different modules currently under development by M2G Analytics, CDA has been under active development for over one year and the recent version of CDA (which now includes a "Pro" version) offers clients the ability, among other things, to assess and analyze in real time individual and aggregated marketing & promotional allowance expenditures (including by customer & host) incorporating M2G Analytics' analytics & intelligence software to monitor customer yield & lifetime value and provide actionable alerts and reports related to customer defection.
  • CDA Deployment.  CDA has been deployed in one existing casino located in the Southeast US and is currently slated for deployment in over a half dozen other prospective locations of varying size, profile, and competitive dynamics throughout the US.
  • Planned launch of MoodAnalyzer™.  M2G Analytics' second module currently awaiting launch next month, harnesses social media, phones, surveys and a host of web-based sources using machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide clients with advanced integrated customer sentiment/feedback indicators in real time. This customizable offering will allow clients to monitor public responses to specific marketing, capex initiatives, and/or other ongoing casino service initiatives. 

"As a formerly-licensed casino owner & financial investor, as bi-furcation between casino ownership & operations becomes more commonplace, the need for M2G Analytics to serve as a 'bridge' between casino stakeholders is increasingly evident," said Michael Kim, GGH Morowitz Managing Partner. "Such analytics form the basis for effective asset management."

For more information about M2G Analytics, please contact Cory Morowitz, M2G Analytics Managing Partner, at or (609) 226-9426 or Krish Krishnan at (847) 251-5817 or

About GGH Morowitz

GGH Morowitz is a strategic global consulting & merchant advisory/investment boutique with offices in Las Vegas, New York, and Atlantic City. The firm is dedicated to providing clients in the core global real estate, gaming & hospitality sectors with an experienced, highly-focused and "industry knowledge" based platform committed to helping them achieve their broader strategic, operational & financial objectives.  GGH Morowitz's professionals collectively have extensive global industry experience related to, among other areas, strategic consulting/advisory, property/asset management, asset valuation, operational/marketing assessment, market/project feasibility & assessment, capital markets, M&A and merchant investing. For more information, visit

About Magnifact

Magnifact is a leading technology industry solutions provider based in Chicago, Illinois and developer of Software as a Service ("SaaS") programs and products and provides end-to-end custom solutions to interpret data in a meaningful and cost-effective way for clients across the Financial Services (Banking, Asset and Wealth Management), Insurance (Healthcare and Property & Casualty), and Gaming & Hospitality (in joint venture with GGH Morowitz) industries.

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