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TMCNet:  Kobe Steel, Ltd. Under Investigation for a Potential Collective Shareholder Action Organized by ISAF

[October 12, 2017]

Kobe Steel, Ltd. Under Investigation for a Potential Collective Shareholder Action Organized by ISAF

International Securities Associations and Foundations Management Company (ISAF), a global leader in shareholder foundations and litigation funding for collective actions, announces that it is investigating claims on behalf of investors of Kobe Steel, Ltd. Such an action would be filed as an "opt-in" collective action in a civil court of Japan. Investors with interest in the matter are encouraged to contact ISAF.

Kobe Steel is a Japanese manufacturer with worldwide operations under the brand Kobelco. ISAF's investigation concerns whether Kobe Steel and certain of its executives have violated securities laws or engaged in other unlawful business practices. A collective action would seek to hold wrongdoers responsible and secure a recovery for damaged investors.

On October 8, 2017, Kobe Steel acknowledged falsifying data about the quality of its aluminum, copper and steel it sold. The company disclosed that, "in its Aluminum & Copper Business, including group companies, a portion of the products traded with customers did not comply with the product specifications which were agreed between the Company and its customers. Data in inspection certificates had been improperly rewritten etc., and the products were shipped as having met the specifications concerned." As a result, hundreds of companies across the world may have purchased substandard materials used in the manufacturing of cars, airplanes and numerous other products.

Following this news, the price of Kobe Steel shares declined by approximately 40% over the next two trading days.


Relevant Company Information

(subject to revision)


Kobe Steel Ltd.


TYE: 5406








Tokyo Civil Court, Japan

Relevant Time Period:

1-Sept-2007 to 8-Oct-2017

Registration Deadlines:


About ISAF

ISAF is a service company focused on the evaluation and execution of securities litigation outside of the United States. ISAF provides management for and funding of collective redress shareholder associations and foundations where these legal protections exist in non-U.S. jurisdictions. The ISAF management team is comprised of experts in capital market and trading financial technology, securities litigation claims filing, and investment and trade analysis.

For each legal action that ISAF organizes and provides funding, ISAF hires local law firms, experts and vendors critical to the venture's success. ISAF negotiates with all third parties to provide the most efficient vehicle for investors to pursue these legal claims. ISAF also finances any court fees, "Loser Pays" insurance, and/or bond requirements so that damaged investors pursuing claims in ISAF-managed legal actions may do so with no contingent financial liability to the individual claimant in the ISAF group. If a particular legal action results in a successful judgement or settlement, ISAF will process all claims and distribute recovery funds pro rata to damaged investors who have joined the ISAF-managed group. ISAF provides these management services on a "no-cure, no-pay" basis (a "success" or "contingency" fee agreed between ISAF and the damaged investor when the investor joins the ISAF-managed legal action).

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