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TMCNet:  New Improved Edition of The Red Guide to Recovery Now Available Nationwide

[December 05, 2017]

New Improved Edition of The Red Guide to Recovery Now Available Nationwide

In light of the natural disasters that have pummeled various parts of the country over the last few months (the devastating hurricanes in Houston, South Florida, and Puerto Rico and the horrific wild fires in Northern California), it has unfortunately become easier for all Americans to imagine the very real possibility of losing everything in a natural disaster.

Sadly, after the first responders leave is when the real disaster can strike! Scams, problems with insurance claims, dealing with contractors, theft, health and safety issues and other dangers are all prevalent for weeks, months, even years after actual property loss occurs.

That's why author and disaster recovery expert Sean Scott has updated and enhanced his award-winning book, "The Red Guide to Recovery - Resource Handbook for Disaster Survivors," now packed with additional facts and details, rendering it the ultimate resource providing all the information a disaster survivor could possibly need.

"Imagine your house has just burned to the ground," said Scott, "and all you have left are the clothes on your back. What will you do? How will you start the process? How will you avoid costly mistakes? There are literally hundreds of critical decisions to be made after a disaster. And the vast majority of people have no idea where to start. My goal is to empower people to be prepared with the end in mind - so they can have the tools needed to effectively navigate through the recovery process and the rebuilding of their lives."

The Red Guide to Recovery covers everything - from raising awareness of disaster scams, safety issues, displacement and relocation, hazardous material concerns, smoke and water damage, handling personal property inventories, dealing with contractors, interacting with insurance adjusters, finding separated loved ones, and much more. There is even a section on terrorism prevention.

"There are two types of people that emerge from disasters: survivors and victims," said Scott. "A little knowledge can make all the difference. Whether the disaster is a major event like a hurricane, earthquake, or wildfire -- or a smaller event like a burst pipe that floods your home or a kitchen fire, those who are prepared in advance not only reduce personal stress and enhance their ability to undertake their own recovery, but can also shape the future of their communities' resiliency."

The book compiles Scott's 39-plus years of construction and hands-on disaster restoration experience coupled with exhaustive research on resources and information from relief organizations and government agencies such as FEMA, the SBA, and numerous public safety and post-disaster professionals. Endorsed by the American Red Cross, The Salvation Army and numerous fire departments and emergency management agencies, The Red Guide is also customizable for municipalities, fire and police departments, emergency management agencies, and even companies proactively concerned with maintaining business continuity.

For more information on The Red Guide to Recovery, visit The Red Guide's interactive, website, at

Media: The revised edition of the Red Guide to Recovery is now available to media for review. For more information or to arrange interviews with author Sean Scott, contact Paul Williams, at 310/569-0023,

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