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TMCNet:  HealthWiz and Candor Partner to Facilitate Consumers' Control of their Healthcare Plans

[December 06, 2017]

HealthWiz and Candor Partner to Facilitate Consumers' Control of their Healthcare Plans

ROME, Ga. and NEW YORK, Dec. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Candor, a healthcare coverage marketplace specializing in pairing consumers with top health plans, today announced it has partnered with HealthWiz, a provider of digital healthcare data & analytics solutions, to leverage the HealthWiz analytics platform for finding in-network top-rated doctors, estimating out-of-pocket costs, and evaluating healthcare coverage plans.

Together, HealthWiz and Candor enable consumers to choose appropriate healthcare coverage plans via private marketplaces based on two key factors: access to their doctors and decreased cost of care.

"Consumers deserve transparency and ease of use when choosing the best healthcare plans for themselves and their families. HealthWiz enables Candor to offer a streamlined experience where consumers can find coverage plans their physicians accept, with access to data that shows what the out-of-pocket costs for care will be throughout a plan year," said John Good, Candor COO.

Consumers have faced an unwieldy process for choosing healthcare, marked by opaque terminology, limited information, and lack f understanding of actual costs. "We believe everyone has the right to streamlined healthcare decisions," said Nate Maslak, HealthWiz CEO. "We are proud to work with Candor to help make one of the most important healthcare choices a household makes clear and simple."

The partnership moves the digital health industry forward by enabling consumers to take more control over their healthcare plans through access to helpful, relevant, and personalized information.

About Candor
Candor is the health companion that enables Americans to access the information and solutions they need to achieve a state of complete independence, success and wellbeing.

Candor also provides powerful analytics, tools, and methodologies to benefit agencies, carriers, and health care providers, ultimately lowering the total cost of healthcare.

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About HealthWiz
HealthWiz is a predictive analytics company that powers intelligent healthcare decisions.

The platform allows healthcare services & solutions to enable healthcare navigation decisions like choosing a health insurance plan, finding a top doctor that accepts their insurance, and estimating the cost of care.

When users have an app or service that works with HealthWiz, they push a button and immediately see the best doctor and how much the visit will cost. For more information, visit

Candor PR contact
Merissa Rood

HealthWiz PR Contact
Nate Maslak

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