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TMCNet:  Advanzeon Solutions, Inc.'s Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Pharmacy Value Management Solutions, Inc. Signs Agreement with The Independent Contractors Alliance Corp.

[February 12, 2018]

Advanzeon Solutions, Inc.'s Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Pharmacy Value Management Solutions, Inc. Signs Agreement with The Independent Contractors Alliance Corp.

Advanzeon Solutions, Inc.'s (OTCBB:CHCR) ("Advanzeon") wholly-owned subsidiary, Pharmacy Value Management Solutions, Inc. ("PVMS") (collectively, the "Company") announced today that it has signed an Agreement with the Independent Contractors Alliance Corp. ("ICA"). The Agreement is effective immediately.

The ICA is a New York-based national leader in the field of association benefits with a primary goal of providing its member businesses with guaranteed access to affordable, high-quality healthcare. The Agreement between the Company and the ICA provides, in part, for the Company to make available its SleepMaster Solutions™ Sleep Apnea Program (the "Program") to ICA's member business owners, and, in particular, those business owners who work primarily in the commercial trucking and construction industries. The ICA's customer base is nationwide.

Mr. Frank Mancari, ICA's Executive Director, stated, "Part of what we do for our membership is introduce them to state-of-the-art healthcare reform programs across the country, allowing them to provide their employees and associates with access to affordable, high-quality healthcare. In many instances, the cost of healthcare, in general, and sleep study centers, in particular, are far outside the financial means of many of our members. SleepMaster Solutions™ ("SMS") provides the solution for this segment of our population. They accept most major health insurance programs and for those who do not have health insurance, their rates are affordable and they offer no interest financing. We are excited to be able to make the SMS Program available to our entire membership population, nationwide. All surveys that we have reviewed convince us that sleep apnea is a major cause of the dramatic increase in our national healthcare costs, and if properly addressed, could lower the cost of healthcare expenditures by as much as 25%. This translates to a real savings to all of our members -- that is real value."

Clark A. Marcus, the Company's Chairman and CEO, stated, "We are delighted at having been selected by the ICA to provide our Sleep Apnea Program to their membership, nationwide. As part of a public company, we are extremely mindful of the value this Agreement brings to our Shareholders and the Company, as a whole. As a medically driven company, we are also extremely mindful of the fact that this is an important step in the direction of lowering our nation's healthcare costs and creating a healthier population. We look forward to working with the ICA's management team in rolling our Program out to the ICA membership."

About Advanzeon Solutions, Inc.

Established in 1969, Advanzeon, through its subsidiaries, owns and operates the nation's most complete sleep apnea program known as SleepMaster Solutions™ (the "Program"). Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, the Company's Program is available in all fifty states, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. The Program focuses on personalized attention, flexibility, a commitment to high-quality services and innovative approaches that address both the specific needs of clients and changing healthcare industry demands. For more information, visit our website at

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