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TMCNet:  Stemmons Launches First Ever Blockchain-Ready Plug-and-Play Software for the Enterprise

[February 12, 2018]

Stemmons Launches First Ever Blockchain-Ready Plug-and-Play Software for the Enterprise

HOUSTON, Feb. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Stemmons Enterprise, a software startup that enables any user to configure and/or replace any business software in real time, launched a new set of features enabling companies to create immutable records of any business process using blockchain technology. With this system, users can independently validate business records in any area, whether it's supply chain activity, compliance, contract approval, or anything else a business does. 

Stemmons is a general ledger for operations that uses public blockchain to create verifiable records of any business process.

By combining immutable validation with a user-configurable platform, Stemmons has opened the door for companies to deploy blockchain in minutes, not just in isolated use cases, but anywhere in the organization.

"Companies need accountability and verifiable records, but they have been unable to solve these problems with blockchain except in extremely limited places," said Justin Segal, co-founder of Stemmons Enterprise. "Now that it is easily and widely applicable, we expect this to set a new standard for business record integrity."

The new features extend Stemmons' core value proposition of eliminating IT complexity and siloes through a unique system that breaks down all softwae tasks into 6 universal components, and creating easy recipes enabling anyone to configure and/or replace any or their business software on the fly – or all of it should they choose to do so.

Blockchain features and benefits include the following:

  • Unalterable Records of Any Business Activity
    • Compliance activities
    • Incident reporting
    • Approvals & sign offs
    • Inspection and test results
    • Due diligence information
  • Highly Granular Audit-Quality Information
    • Activity-log all interactions
    • Memorialize, create, open, view, update, assign, close, and other highly-detailed interactions down to the second
  • Increased Asset Value
    • Create "digital asset" to accompany physical asset
    • Demonstrate time and nature of repairs
    • Authenticate source of materials to individual worker
  • Sociological Impacts
    • Creates a culture of accountability
    • Drives internal and external trust in corporate information
    • Shapes behavior in positive ways

"We're excited to make blockchain part of Stemmons' ability to configure and/or replace ANY business software on the fly, even if a user has no IT or programming experience," said Andrew Segal, co-founder and president of Stemmons Enterprise. "Blockchain technology will revolutionize the way that companies do business, and Stemmons will ensure that happens without complicating the way they operate."

The new capabilities are available to all Stemmons Enterprise customers using version 1.5 or later.

About Stemmons Enterprise
Stemmons was co-founded by brothers Justin and Andrew Segal originally to address the growing complexity in their real estate management operations, which span 150 locations, 1,400 employees and 300+ legal entities. Stemmons enabled them to quintuple the size of their business in just a few years while saving $15-20M annually across payroll, workers compensation, reduced liability insurance -- all with zero software or development costs. Companies such as Waste Management and Fisker Automotive, in addition to organizations such as NYU to the World War II Museum, are now using Stemmons to help them transform the way they work.

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