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TMCNet:  iXledger and InsChain Announce a Partnership in Greater China Region

[February 13, 2018]

iXledger and InsChain Announce a Partnership in Greater China Region

iXledger today announced its partnership with InsChain to expand iXledger services into Greater China Region. The collaboration will enable acceptance of iXledger's Utility Token, IXT, on the InsChain platform for peer-to-peer services throughout Greater China Region.

"The partnership with InsChain will bring a whole new level of services to the iXledger community. The growing Market Economy, as an extension of the Shared Economy, requires efficiency and interoperability between many partners and participants to support new insurance solutions. The IXT utility tokens facilitate efficient micropayments across blockchain enabled ecosystems. This interoperability enables the creation of new insurance products and services, while enabling price discovery with total control and transparency, " said Cristina Dolan, Co-Founder and President US, iXledger. "The InsChain founders have extensive backgrounds in actuarial science and a strong understanding of evolving insurance requirements in the Greater China Region."

"We are excited to partner with iXledger, they understand the blockchain enabled Market Economy and have the technical experience required to build the next generation blockchain platforms that will power insurance related ecosystems. This partnership will enable consumers and businesses to participate in new insurance models like our InsChain peer-to-peer product," said William Bu, InsChain CEO, "We are excited to have Cristina Dolan join the InsChain Advisory Board."

According to analysts, China is one of the fastest growing insurance markets in the world. A report by Munich Re economists states that the insurance industry in China is "forecast to grow at twice the rate of the economy as a whole."

About iXledger:

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About InsChain:

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