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TMCNet:  The most promising business opportunities brought about by the rise of Quantum Computing

[June 12, 2018]

The most promising business opportunities brought about by the rise of Quantum Computing

WASHINGTON, June 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- We are undoubtedly in the midst of a "Quantum Computing Supremacy Race" – one that will result in groundbreaking computing power that surpasses the performance of digital supercomputers. In the coming years, the global Quantum Computing market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 24.6% (2018-2024), according to leading research firm Industry 4.0 Market Research. 2018-2019 is projected to be an especially critical period, featuring a surge of technological breakthroughs in the industry.

Quantum computing technologies have the potential to change long-held dynamics in commerce, intelligence, military affairs, and the strategic balance of power. If you have been paying attention to the news on quantum computing, then you know that something big is stirring in the quantum world. With these new developments, the key question that companies are asking is "what are the main business opportunities arising from the growth of Quantum Computing?"

Significant economic interests as well as considerable computational scaling have driven the world's biggest corporations and numerous government agencies to work on quantum processor technologies and/or quantum software, either on their own or through partnerships. Their ambition reflects a broader transition, taking place at start-ups and academic research labs alike: to move from pure science towards engineering. Companies such as Intel, Google, IBM, Microsoft, NEC, Raytheon, Fujitsu, NTT, Nokia, BT, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, Booz Allen Hamilton, Mitsubishi, HP, SK Telecom, Alibaba, and KPN are all developing impressive quantum computing technologies to take advantage of the business opportunities expected to arise.

Quantum Computing is projected to influence a number of verticals, from manufacturing to healthcare and telecommunications. Industry 4.0 Market Research has identified 55 main business opportunities brought about by the Quantum Computer revolution:

1.      Search Engines

2.      Business Intelligence

3.      Software/Hardware Validation and Verification

4.      Image and Pattern Recognition

5.      National Security Intelligence

6.      Defense

7.     Public Safety

8.     Homeland Security

9.     Government & Public Services

10.   Banking & Financial Services

11.   Financial Electronic Trading & Trading Strategies

12.   Smart Manufacturing & Logistics

13.   Mission Planning/Scheduling and Logistics

14.   Insurance

15.   Medical Diagnostics

16.   Medical Treatments

17.   Pharmacology

18.   Protein Folding

19.   Retail & Wholesale

20.   Information Technology Industry

21.   Telecommunication

22.   Automotive & Transportation

23.   Aerospace

24.   Energy & Utilities

25.   Energy Systems & Photovoltaics

26.   Energy Exploration

27.   Web, Media & Entertainment

28.   Smart Cities

29.   Cybersecurity

30.   Quantum Computing Systems

31.   Quantum Computing Software

32.   Quantum Computing as a Service on the Cloud

33.   Academia & National Labs

34.   Graph Theory Problems

35.   Material Science

36.   Marine Science

37.   Bioinformatics

38.   Climate Modeling & Weather Predictions

39.   Seismic Survey

40.   Risk Management

41.   Simulation

42.   Video Compression

43.   Quantum Cryptography

44.   Post-quantum Cryptography

45.   Optimization Problems

46.   Quantum-Assisted Optimization

47.   Reservoir Optimization Applications

48.   Utilities Management Optimization

49.   Quantum Machine Learning

50.   Quantum Reinforcement Learning

51.   Big Data & Predictive Analytics

52.   Material Science

53.   Quantum Sampling

54.   Quantum Chemistry

55.   Monte Carlo Simulation

How to take advantage of these business opportunities?

Extensive information on the main business opportunities brought about by Quantum Computing can be found in the relevant market report, containing analysis and insights on the 55 leading opportunities:

  • By region North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, RoW
  • By country – US, UK, Canada, Germany, China, Japan, Israel, Russia, and more
  • By sector – National Security, Government, Government-funded RDT&E, Industry & Business
  • By company – IBM, Intel, D Wave Systems, Toshiba, IonQ, NEC, Agilent Technologies, Cyoptics, Qubitekk, Google Quantum AI Lab, Kaiam Corporation, Anyon Systems, Xanadu, and many more

Questions answered in this report include:

  • What was the global quantum computing market size in 2016-2017?
  • What will the global quantum computing market size and trends be during 2018-2024?
  • Which are the quantum computing submarkets that provide attractive business opportunities?
  • What drives the customers to purchase quantum computing solutions and services?
  • What are the quantum computer applications & services trends?
  • What are the market SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)?
  • What are the challenges to the quantum computing market penetration & growth?
  • Who are the main industry players?
  • How and where to invest in quantum computing industry?

Explore more information on Quantum Computing, including reports with a focus on specific regions and technologies, at

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