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TMCNet:  Global Digital Finance Capital (GDF) was Established, Looking for a $100 Billion Unicorn

[August 10, 2018]

Global Digital Finance Capital (GDF) was Established, Looking for a $100 Billion Unicorn

SINGAPORE, Aug. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On August 7th, The Global Digital Finance Capital (GDF) Conference was held in Suzhou, China and announced the establishment of Global Digital Finance Capital (GDF). With a theme of "Digital Unbounded, Finance Unlimited", the Conference was led by the top blockchain investment institutions - Fenbushi Capital, Davos Forum - WBF and top integrated investment group - PreIPO Capital. GDF is composed of BKFUND, a digital asset fund incubated by Fenbushi Capital, and BFFUND, a digital asset fund incubated by PreIPO Capital and WBF. The total size of the fund is 100 million USD.


Bo Shen, founder of Fenbushi Capital, Kevin Wu, Chairman of PreIPO Capital, Junyi Shan, Chairman of CICC, and Sheng Zhao, founder of WBF, will act as fund advisors at GDF. Charlie Xu, co-founder of BKFUND and founder of Hashgard, Wei Zhu, founder of BFFUND, and Tom Huang, co-founder of Hashgard, act as the core members of the GDF. Charlie Xu and Wei Zhu were elected as joint fund managers.

Digital Assets are not newThey refer to valuable assets in the form of electronic data, including personal data and digital money in Alipay. The definition of digital assets in the blockchain industry is the digital currency, digital certificate, certfied physical assets and relevant derivatives issued through the decentralized computer network.

Digital finance is a financial format in which a token (digital currency, digital pass) is used as a digital asset to operate within a centrally managed or decentralized smart contract.

In recent years, blockchain and digital assets have sprung up. The total amount of digital assets including Bitcoin has exceeded 800 billion USD; the number of global digital asset users is nearly 100 million, and the number of blockchain projects has reached tens of thousands. At the same time, the mainstream financial market is constantly accepting digital assets. The mainstream commodity futures exchanges in the United States, CBOE and CME, have successively launched Bitcoin futures; and top financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs have begun to enter the field of blockchain.

After years of understanding, analyzing and invesing in the digital finance industry, Fenbushi Capital, WBF and PreIPO Capital share a common belief in the future prospects of digital finance. With this belief, BKFUND and BFFUND decided to collaborate, establishing GDF which aims to lead the digital finance sector into a healthy and positive industry.

At the Global Digital Finance Capital (GDF) Conference, Charlie Xu, the managing partner of GDF, co-founder of BKFUND and founder of Hashgard, talked about the mission and future of GDF:

"Global Digital Finance Capital (GDF) will focus on the ecological investment and layout of the digital finance industry, adhere to the logic of incremental investment and layout of globalization, build an open ecology and empower the projects invested."

"Our investment direction will focus on exchanges, wallets, brokerages, ratings, security, insurance, fund management systems/support tools, portals, media, legal services, audit services, etc. We will pursue the best-of-breed investment opportunities in the field of digital finance."

"Global Digital Finance Capital (GDF) is the first collaboration between the top blockchain VC and the top traditional PE institutions. We have the top consultant team and the fund has rich investment experience and industry resources. The future has arrived; we are looking forward to the adventures ahead and building the next steps of this exciting future in digital finance."

In the future, Global Digital Finance Capital (GDF) will adhere to the investment philosophy of Fenbushi Capital and PreIPO Capital, utilize the investment experience and industry resources that BKFUND and BFFUND have, and promote industry development and product advancement by investing in the primary and secondary markets.

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