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TMCNet:  HEALTHCARE REVOLUTIONARIES Podcast Opens the Door To Real, Raw Conversation on the Transformation of the Business of Health & Wellness

[September 13, 2018]

HEALTHCARE REVOLUTIONARIES Podcast Opens the Door To Real, Raw Conversation on the Transformation of the Business of Health & Wellness

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Sept. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- HEALTHCARE REVOLUTIONARIES established a new benchmark platform for the discussion of innovative, disruptive information destined to alter the course of healthcare administration. Each podcast will present respected health, benefits, insurance and wellness industry experts who will share authoritative knowledge relating to all aspects of 21st-century health business.

Renée-Marie Stephano, JD, Co-founder & CEO of Global Healthcare Resources (GHR), Medical Tourism Association and Corporate Health & Wellness Association will facilitate the groundbreaking podcast, which promises to deliver spirited give-and-take conversations on the troubled state of domestic and global healthcare administration. New start-ups and established industry pioneers will share their expertise on the challenges and solutions facing healthcare and the need to stir up the business of health from its fragmented and disconnected status today.

"The days of sitting back and going along with the crowd are over in our world. Healthcare markets are demanding a conceptual reboot that benefits them, and the ever-connected consumers they serve," says Stephano. "Nothing less than a paradigm shift in administrative philosophies will address the challenges facing providers, insurers, self-funded employers, wellness practitioners and customers."

Solutions on the cusp of mass adoption are not being taken as seriously as they should. Genomics, Precision and Personalized Medicine, Blockchain Technology, Smart Contracts, and Digital Payment wallets using cryptocurrency will impact the way people from all over the world access and engage in health decision making.

"We've been able to identify some of the true change agents within the healthcare industry," says Stephano. "These serious players bring innovative and disruptive ideas to the table and represent the intersection between the art, the science and the business of health and well-being. These are the people and companies we want to glean information from on the HEALTHCARE REVOLUTIONARIES podcast."

Having a central 'clearinghouse' for the dissemination of information relating to forward-thinking ideas, companies, and individuals in the healthcare ecosystem was a primary motivation for creating the podcast. According to the Stephano as the podcast host, the timing is perfect for launching what will inevitably become a 'must hear' source for cutting-age employer and consumer healthcare commentary.

"The HEALTHCARE REVOLUTIONARIES podcast is an easily accessible source of facts and highly regarded opinions, heard directly from the guest," says Stephano. "There will be no filters, no editors and no rehearsed answers. It is real, topical, and as solution-oriented as it gets."

Podcast guests will span the health and wellness universe, encompassing topics as diverse and relevant as Employee Benefits, <>Human Resources, Medical Travel, Wellness Travel, Self-Funding, International Healthcare, Health Tourism, Global Healthcare Accreditation, Employee Benefits, Healthcare Administration, Provider Programs, Advances in Medicine, Blockchain Technology, Genomics, Wellness and Well-being, Pharma, Medical Devices, and more.

One fact is certain, the status quo will never be the same having been thoroughly examined on a HEALTHCARE REVOLUTIONARIES podcast. It is rare, if not non-existent, to hear unfiltered, fact-based discussion about the challenges posed, and solutions offered, to the myriad of global healthcare issues.

Typically, the only time important information about the business-side of health, wellness or medicine is provided to a mass audience is through soundbites on TV, or headlines in a newspaper. This B2B-focused podcast will capture the rapidly developing healthcare landscape from inside-perspectives for listeners that consist of the thousands of industry professionals that we deal with daily.

A platform such as the HEALTHCARE REVOLUTIONARIES podcast is needed now more than ever, according to those who follow, and have worked with, Global Healthcare Resources. Program providers, administrators and insurers have been struggling with the workforce health and well-being challenges facing companies large and small. The current process for identifying solutions can be slow and laborious.

In the past, finding answers for the serious questions industry administrators face meant placing a series of hopeful phone calls, followed by a series of optimistic follow-up emails. Those efforts will be gradually fading away as more and more industry audiences listen to, and participate in, the only public venue specifically speaking to the obstacles in front of them.   

"I am fully energized by the thought of being able to be part of such a wide-ranging, influential platform like the HEALTHCARE REVOLUTIONARIES podcast," said Stephano with a welcome sigh of relief. "I truly believe this unfettered, open-ended forum will result in a more expeditious process for examining critical issues and working to create concrete solutions in real-time environments."

As anyone in the healthcare industry will affirm, particularly program administrators, providers, and insurers, affecting positive change can seem like an endless journey with no end in sight. The lack of a 'centralized communications center' linking all areas has significantly curtailed any meaningful progress within the current healthcare landscape.

The HEALTHCARE REVOLUTIONARIES podcast, in conjunction with Global Healthcare Resources, is uniquely poised to provide the communication portal the industry has sorely needed for such a long time. Bringing serious players together to maximize the market-disrupt factor caused by an effective and efficient exchange of ideas is a game-changer unto itself.

HEALTHCARE ?EVOLUTION®, the decade-old conference that has married together the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress and the World Medical Tourism Congress, brings together the best and brightest minds who are striving to create innovation and disruption within the healthcare ecosystem. This event has been a driving inspirational factor behind the endeavor. Many of the speakers and presenters in attendance will be appearing with Stephano on the industry-changing podcast. 

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