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State Farm Makes Auto Claims Submission with Mobile Devices Easier

August 28, 2014

Unfortunately, we are all too familiar with the phrase, “accidents will happen!” Whether it is a fender-bender or a serious collision we have all been there and done that when it comes to capturing all of the information we need to submit a claim that insurance companies can easily and quickly process. To use another popular phrase, “It is a real pain in the neck.”

For anyone with a smartphone, one of the world’s largest insurers, State Farm Insurance, is lending those involved in an auto accident a desirable helping hand. The company has just made submitting an auto claim via a mobile device much faster and user friendly with the release of their Pocket Agent app. 

Based on object recognition technology, the app greatly simplifies the claims process. As State Farm says, “This new technology reduces the need for typing by using the mobile camera to record important claims information. Customers can capture an image of the other vehicle to process and populate make and model data automatically into claim form fields.”

Commenting on the release of Pocket Agent, Patty Gaumond, VP Operations of Enterprise Digital Strategy at State Farm stated, "This new feature is part of our ongoing commitment to using the technology features of mobile devices in new and innovative ways to simplify the process for our customers."  

Along with automating the claims process by eliminating the need to type in customer and policy info, additional features of Pocket Agent include the ability to:

  • View all policies on a summary screen, including policy name, type and renewal date.
  • Deposit checks  with MyTime Deposit®
  • Record accident details, capture photos, and submit information.
  • View State Farm Bank® accounts with balances.
  • Utilize convenient insurance premium and/or bank bill pay options.
  • Search for a hotel, gas station, tow truck, taxi, locksmith or rental car by location or zip code.
  • Locate a State Farm Select Service® Repair Facility.
  • Search for and contact a State Farm agent with ease.

As State Farm notes, Pocket Agent (which is available on iOS, Android (News - Alert) and Kindle Fire) is part of a growing portfolio of apps for mobile devices designed to improve the customer experience.   And, is just one of the many apps State Farm offers. The company also has Driver Feedback and Steer Clear Mobile applications on Android and iOS smartphones, as well as MoveTools  for iPad and Android tablet users.

Given the intensity of auto insurance competition in the U.S., where it is almost impossible to watch TV without seeing a commercial about who has better policies and prices, leveraging mobile technology to provide differentiated value has become a critical piece of the marketing puzzle. While nobody wants to be involved in a traffic accident, at least there is an opportunity to take some of the pain and suffering out of the experience. In fact, regardless of whom your insurance provider happens to be it would not be a bad idea to see what kinds of apps they have that might prove useful in case of a worst case scenario.   

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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